Afghanistan Diary
Tuesday, January 25, 2005

"You are going WHERE?" That was the most common reaction I got from people when I told them about my intention to work in Afghanistan. Some of my smart-ass friends were more sarcastic: "Why Kabul? Was Falluhah already taken?"

Some never understood why I wanted to work for a Non-Governmental Organization for a pityful salary in a war zone.However, as a whole, I have been absolutely amaized by the support I received from family, colleages and friends, who made my departure possible by volunteering to keep my dogs, sell my car, etc.

During the week prior to my departure, I had several farewell parties organized for me. It was really rather nice.

Most everybody was worried about me and my departure, except me. Perhaps I was just too absorbed in getting everything ready for the trip (getting vaccinations, stocking one year supply of prescription medicine, obtaining my visa, etc.) It may seem like little but everyday I found some new errands that I must imperatively do before my departure.

I am having some second thoughts about writing a blog. The world sure does not need another mediocre piece of self-indulgent writing (which seem to characterize most blogs I have seen).

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