Afghanistan Diary
Tuesday, February 08, 2005

I spent today continuously working on an Access VBA macro. At around three o’clock I was staring – not without a certain desperation – at the pitiful yield of my efforts: 50 or so lines of buggy code. In the following hour, I found a more efficient way of coding that reduced the number of lines down to fifteen. That works out just under two lines per hour. I’d hesitate to say it was a productive day.

I came here because I thought that working for an NGO would make my work, and by extension my life meaningful. It hasn’t been two weeks I am here and already I know that, although I might gain a number of things from this experience (and lose an equal number of things), it won’t give any meaning to my life nor work. I am just the same little clog in the machine, doing petty little work. Spent much of the day mulling over similar somber thoughts.

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