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Friday, February 04, 2005
  UN's money

I went to the restaurant again. The thing about Kabul’s restaurant is that many of them, especially restaurant for expats are located behind doors, it almost look like going to a clandestine house and they are hard to locate if you have never been there before.

Did I mention it is extremely difficult to find one’s way in Kabul? At first I thought it would be difficult because street names are written in Persian script but actually there are no sign at all. In here, you have got to break out of the habit of taking things for granted.

All this to say that we wanted to go to an Iranian restaurant, but we could not find it and we ended up going to a Thai restaurant instead. The woman who owns this restaurant has had an article written about her in the New York Times. Her business model is simple, she follows the UN. UN workers have money, she says, so as soon as they come to a country, she sets up a new restaurant. How humanitarian.

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