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Monday, March 28, 2005

The Darulaman PalaceLast week-end was uneventful. I went to a hash, but it was raining which took some fun out of the event. We went next to the Darulaman Palace (also known as the King’s Palace) and to the Queen’s palace. There are talks of restoring the King’s Palace so that the parliament can be hosted there, but the building has much suffered from the war and is in pitiful shape. I doubt this is going to happen anytime soon.

We watched a few bad films during the week-end as well (there are many DVDs available but good movies are hard to come by). One of them was Rambo III, which we chose because it takes place in Afghanistan. The anti-Soviet propaganda is pretty extreme. There was a buzkashi scene in the film.

In the local stores, most DVDs, by far, are Bollywood movies. Indian music is also popular here. Another attraction of these films is the presence of Indian babes among the cast, and after two and half months here seeing mostly burkas in the street, even I think that this is reason enough to watch them. One of the IT boys (as we call the young IT technicians in the office) collects postcards of Indian actresses. According to what I read, in the seventies, some women wore miniskirts in Kabul. It is hard to imagine today.

There was an explosion next to Supreme supermarket today. At least two persons (Afghans) were wounded in the attack. It is not yet clear if it was caused by a mine or by a rocket. The store is located next to an ISAF based and is frequented exclusively by foreigners, including by a large number of soldiers. It is therefore a prime target. This is not good news. It might also be a sign that there are more bombs to come. We all go to Supreme when we need to buy alcohol or overpriced western goods (for instance: trash bags).

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