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Tuesday, April 26, 2005
I spent the evening reading on graphic classes. I thought I had found the right book (an electronic edition). Unfortunately, when I tried the examples, after reading the 60 pages chapter, none of them worked, and I don’t mean that there were a typo or two, every f* line generated an error. I don’t know if the author wrote his book based on a beta release or what. I think I will have to look for a good book here or hunt down more info on msdn (which is a little difficult given that I don’t have internet access at home). Thing is, I have more than half a dozen e-books on VB.Net and C#, but only the one I tried today goes into graphics. My java library is actually much better but I would really prefer to use something simple like

Other than that, ok day at work. I also found some supplies for my project online, things I could not live without, like a y splitter for car cigarette adaptor (do you realize how essential that is to run both my pda and my gps off the battery?) and a pda car mount.

To add to the frustration, Dell cancelled my PDA order. Go figure why, probably I could not tell them accurately the phone number on file with my bank (He, I forget. You know how many times I change phone number?) or my daily limit was reached. Anyway, they told me to contact their customer service but it’s a 800 number so I can’t call from here and… these things quickly become a major hassle. I gave another try to the order and if it fails, I have a contingency plan. I really want a Dell though.
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