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Tuesday, April 05, 2005
  Last week-end

More attacks over the week-end, still on military targets.

kids playing next to an abandonned tankOn Friday, I took part to a nice hike with Kabul Hash House Harriers. We went to an area closed to where I live where there is a nice adobe fort (I do not know when it was built). The weather was pleasantly warm, and there were plenty of goats and kids playing next to the fort and a few abandoned tanks nearby. The building had a beautiful recently built staircase that on closer inspection appeared to be made entirely out of canon shells.

demining staircase made out of bomb shells

On Saturday, we went to Baghram. It was nice to get out of the city although there was no much to see there. It is a small town, whose main attraction is the US military base but we could not get in. We did some shopping there and you could tell that we had just been paid because the two IT boys that were with us went on a spending spree.

In the evening, there was a farewell party for Jesper and Babak (but not really for the later because he will be back soon). Party was pleasant but most of all, I had a fun time with Babak, ordering massive amount of food from street vendors.

Sunday: Busy day at work. Another farewell drink, for one of my flatmate this time. She will be back this summer.

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