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Monday, April 25, 2005
  More of the same

My software project is progressing nicely. My work (for-a-living work) is not going well on the other hand. It is dull and repetitive. I am hopelessly and utterly bored and I have to make the greatest efforts to get anything done at all. I taken a number of steps to try to get more interesting projects, but they are still far from materializing. If you had asked me a month ago, I would have said my intention was to stay probably twelve months or more. At this point, I am actually wondering how long more I can stand designing little Access apps. I like Kabul and my workplace fine, it is just the work.

I came here to make a difference and to live an adventure. A difference, I don’t think I make any. As for the adventure, believe it or not, it is rather tame. I guess I feel discouraged. I am glad that I have my own project to keep me sane.

I explained a portion of my software to my flatmate and she wasn’t at all impressed, it was rather amusing (“Why don’t you just learn to read a map?”). My parents had the same reaction. It is difficult to explain technical progress to people who are not technology minded. I mean, I could travel to work on the back of a donkey as well, the fact is I use a car. My geek friends are quite excited on the other hand. We are looking forward to driving a geekmobile that has a number of high-tech navigation instruments attached to the windshield. The way I look at it is like this. When man stopped having fur, he got cold and invented fire. When he no longer had teeth strong enough to devour an animal carcass, he invented tools (and cooking). Well, for those of us who no longer have the sense of direction: we invent a software for PDA and gps. It is a no brainier.

I ordered myself a nice little PDA. I took the nicest one I could find, one that has a 640x480 resolution display (remember the time, not so long ago, when we were designing web pages for that resolution?), WI-FI and Bluetooth. I will order a windshield mount also. The only thing I would like are a good reference book on VB.Net (might be possible to buy locally) and one on Beginning Math for 3D graphics.

Oh yeah, and there was an explosion on Jalalabad road tonight. I don’t know the details. It is possible that it was close to the ISAF base, but I am just speculating. We have been asked to stay home.

I have been doing some thinking on the routable Map creator program I want to write (I actually already started a bit). The aim of the program is to help me extract the routable information from the map. I think I might end up writing it in C#, because I have better reference material for C# than for VB.Net (even though the later would have my preference). Reading about ADO.NET tonight, will read on all graphic classes next. It might take me a while, hopefully by Saturday I hope I will be able to do some coding.

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