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Tuesday, April 05, 2005
  More on driving in Kabul

There is no such thing as traffic lights, neither is there anything like the right of way. Drivers threat every intersection as a four-way stop with the difference that they do not stop. Occasionally, a policeman is there to help guiding the traffic. Roundabouts exist but cars go around them clockwise and counter-clockwise. The absence of street signs is matched by that of any traffic signal. Signalling is, needless to say, discouraged (it’s nobody’s business where you going). To the best of my knowledge, there is not speed limit though speedbumps, potholes, donkeys, goats (and in the winter: snow and ice) do a good job of slowing cars down. Cars take over on your right and left, and to add to the confusion, the number of lanes (never painted on the asphalt) can vary depending on the inclination of the drivers. Given these conditions, it is quite admirable that there are so few incidents because there really do not appear to be many.

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