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Tuesday, May 10, 2005
  Afghan Joke on foreign Aid (rather harsh)
A sheepherder was walking along behind his sheep out along the Kandahar Road minding his own business when a man in a White Land Cruiser pulled and got out.
Hello, sheepherder, he said. If I can tell you exactly where you are and exactly how many sheep you have, may I have one?
Sure, said the sheepherder, thinking the man a fool.
The man pulled out his pocket GPS/calculator/diary/satphone/ipod and punched away for a couple of minutes then said You are exactly 7.44 km from Kandahar and there are 131 animals in your flock.
The sheepherder was mildly surprised and said You are right, take one of my animals.
Just before the man got back into the car, the sheepherder said If I can tell you your profession in one go can I have my animal back? Of course, said the man, knowing full well that this sheepherder was a simpleton with no capacity.
You are a [insert organisation of choice] consultant. said the sheepherder.
"Amazing," said the man. "How did you \r\nknow?"
Amazing, said the man. How did you know?
It is simple, said the sheepherder You came here without being asked; you used high technology to tell me what I already knew; and you overcharged for the information. Now can I have my sheep back.
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