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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Eureka and victory! I found a way to make my work more interesting. It is simple; I will develop all future projects in C#. My boss think that it is a good idea for the organization (it is, it will help us eradicate Access) and I am thrilled because I will have the opportunity to become really good at it. I don’t think I can cope with twelve months of Access without a lobotomy. Only snag is: I still need to finish my current projects first. Mind you, C# is easier than I expected and I suspect it will get boring after a while too, but not for a few months, hopefully.

Soon, I will also write code in Java (the two languages are very alike, so I don’t think it will be a problem. What I really want, as far as IT is concerned, is to be a Java-JSP-Xml-Oracle kind of guy. There is still some way to go but I feel I am not that far off anymore.

I am a little concerned about what is going to happen to my applications after my departure. It can’t be easy to find such a programmer/database analyst/dba in Afghanistan, otherwise, they wouldn’t have hired me. From my selfish perspective, working with .Net and Java for a year, gives me the opportunity to build valuable experience and will make it easier for me to find a job when I return to the US.

Spent the week-end working and it was worthwhile! I finished the first software I had to write, which is basically a desktop application to author routable information based on a raster map. There is still some work needed to make it a reusable application, but it looks pretty good. Now comes, the shitty part, actually designing each route segment with the software.

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