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Monday, May 09, 2005
  House arrest

We received some a list of things to do when you are kidnapped. I am glad we did. It is important to know the proper etiquette in various contexts; one does not want to offend. As I mentioned, we are under curfew for the next two weeks. It is much like house arrest without the electronic bracelet.

There is really nothing better to do for me at night than to program my navigation system. I bet I will do some real progress in the coming weeks. I have finished dividing Kabul map into digital route segments. There are 732 of them, which strikes me as not that many (Kabul is a fairly small city), although it felt like there were a lot while I was drawing them. Next, I need to georeference the map (that is, translate the coordinates on my map into latitude and longitude) and then I will work on some code to display a portion of the map based on the user’s position (with the user placed at the center of the screen). Later, I will join that code, with my shortest route to destination algorithm , at which point we'll be almost there. Of course, there will be some threading issues to solve and a decent user interface to create.

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