Afghanistan Diary
Sunday, May 29, 2005
  I am staying

Well folks, it looks like I am staying after all. I had a pretty frank discussion with my boss’ boss this morning about what I am not happy with at work, at the end of which I decided to continue at DACAAR (providing of course, that my immigration attorney gives me the green light). SQL Server will come, and I will try to use C# to makes things more interesting. My aims for the remainder of my stay in Afghanistan are: to migrate all database to MS Sql Server, to get my navigation system up and running and hopefully even to sell it, and to write a grant for when I come back. She thought I have been in Kabul for too long, and urged me to go somewhere else for a few days. I am leaving tomorrow to Herart for three days. I will also go to New Mexico some time this summer to clear my passport.

It was a storm in a teacup. After all that, I am still doing the same job at the same place. It is exhausting to be around me, I think, because I question many of my life choices quite often. If it is of any comfort, it is exhausting to be me for the same reasons…

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