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Wednesday, May 18, 2005
I am still struggling to accept the fact that Kabul is not safe. I tried to think of the issue statistically but no matter how I manipulate the numbers the results are not good. The chance for any of us to be a victim are very small, yet, compared to our home countries, they are still astonishingly high. And then again (here comes the nice rationalization), the chance of being adbucted for an aid worker in Kabul is considerably less than the chance of dying from smoking.

I think this time, we are starting to take security very seriously. We take different routes to our office and leave at different times, so as to make our movements less predictable. If we leave a friend's house, we also call when we arrive to our home destination, etc.

Afghan workers are at risk too (among others incidents, three women were raped and strangled last month), but that is especially the case in the country.
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