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Tuesday, May 10, 2005
I was trying to georeference my map yesterday, when I realized that I barely knew what latitude and longitude were, let alone how to use them to calculate distances. So I did some internet search and once again, I found my answers in some fifth grade teaching materials. At the very least this project, makes me understand things that the crappy primary and high-school student I was never learnt. Last week it was basic trigonometry.

I also took an important decision that is to try to become an American citizen when I get back in the US. It was not an easy thing to decide (and it is far from being done) because for some complicated reason, I will loose my current citizenship in the process. I wouldn't care about having my Belgian nationality taken away from me (I'd perversely enjoy it even) except that with it, comes residency rights in the entire European Union, which is harder to relinquish. However, I do think of the US as my "base", the place I would go back to between travels and ultimately as much as a "home" as I have. I just hate having to worry about whether or not travelling for x amount of time will affect my residency rights. I have been thinking of where I'll go next, and I haven't entertained the thought of going back to Europe.
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