Afghanistan Diary
Wednesday, May 25, 2005
  Things are shaping up
I resigned yesterday. My boss looked pained. I felt both guilty and relieved. My notice is one month, minus the accrued holidays. Basically, it works out just fine, I will have one month to travel, and I will be back in the States just in time so that my stay in less than six months.

I do not know if I will travel with my friend Babak or by myself. It depends if his schedule does not conflict with mine. If we travel together (at least for part of the trip), I do not know yet where we'll go. If I am by myself, I plan to go to India. We'll see when he gets here.

A couple of business/grant ideas are taking shape in my head. When I come back, I plan to write a grant proposal and to pitch for some contracts. If it worked out, I would be able to stay in New Mexico.

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