Afghanistan Diary
Thursday, May 19, 2005
Today a former TV presenter was shot dead in Kabul. In the country, seven aid workers were killed in an ambush, five yesterday. The people who abducted the aid worker in Kabul have made their demands known ( I don't see how a government could possibly accept to have its policy dictated by hijackers. In light of this, I fear the poor girl might remain captive for a while. That is if she stays alive, she is said to suffer from internal bleeding in the head, vomiting and hasn't eaten for three days. It really does not sounds good.

I had a chat with my boss today. I explained how bored I was. She told me that this work will always need to be done, but she recommended me to plan a vacation. Thinking... Vacation is not a bad idea and I have indeed been thinking about it. Kabul gets to you after a while. It would do me some good but, would it solve everything at work?
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