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Wednesday, June 29, 2005
Kabul is getting hot. Temperature is about 40 Celcius, very dry. That wouldn't be so bad but we don't have any air conditionning to speak off so by the end of the day, I feel sticky and smelly. The worse thing about the heat though, is the stench of improvised garbage dumps and that of the open sewers brewing under the sun. Still I wouldn't trade this weather for the bitter cold we had last winter.

I started getting into my leaving mode. I keep making a mental list of all the things to do and buy before my departure (gifts, souvenirs). Only a little over two more weeks! Workwise, I finished one of the two projects my boss wants me to complete before I go. I am kicking myself hard to finish the other one which strikes me as pointless and dull. In addition, I have been working hard on my gps-pda-c# project for data gathering in the field. I am glad to report, it is going well, I may even be able to have a working prototype by this week-end. I even started to compile a comprehensive windows help file for it.

I bought a large quantity of pirated software (market value: $50k?) and I am mildly worried that it might get me in trouble at the US custom. I may try to find another way to send them.

I booked my flight and I will spend a day in Dubai. Since I haven't been there and I have a day to spend, I think it will be more interesting in Dubai than in Kabul. I have been told that it is insufferably hot and not to expect walking around in the city.

Today, I am saying goodbye to Lyn, who is travelling to Australia and won't be back before my departure. :( It is rather sad to think that I may never seen some of the people I met here again. According to my experience, you always get to see some people though.
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