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Saturday, July 16, 2005
I arrived in Dubai last night. Going from the airport to the city in an air-conditionned car (our Kabul car had no AC), driving in an orderly manner, passing these large empty avenues, not smelling or hearing much felt really strange and actually rather sad. The big stores with neon signs everywhere made made the place looks like a muslim version of America. I am getting a sense that it will take me a little while to readapt.

I don't have a guide so I wasn't sure what to do in Dubai (there is not that much to do at any rate). I took a taxi to a computer tower to check out the price of Pocket PCs, but it did not strike me as cheaper than in the US. I did see very cheap brand name suits on the other hand, and I might let myself buy one.

This afternoon, I will try to visit the old covered bazaar. My flight takes off early in the morning (1:45) so I have many hours to kill. Physically, I am feeling ok but my right hand shakes like crazy.
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