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Saturday, July 16, 2005
  Last ... in Kabul
During my last days in Kabul, I discovered a few places of interest. The first was the UNICA, UN's guest house. It is possible to get a membership there and they have nice sport facilities and a bar. More importantly, they have a swimming pool, used by a number of young women, which makes the UNICA the best chick gazing place in Kabul.

The other place was teh Copa Cubana, a club located near my favorite restaurant in Kabul, Shandiz. The area is pretty safe, although it must be said that there was a rocket attack in the viccinity last week or so. We were not quite sure what to expect. I was vaguely hoping for a cuban estaurant with a dance floor and tasteful latin music. Actually there was nothing cuban about the place, and the music (hip hop) was no exception. The place was run by Afghan Americans, allthough the bouncer looked more like a buff gay italian. The Copa Cubana defintely features on my list of places where to go at least once. It was an actual club, with smoke, bar, stroboscopic lights and people dancing in sleevless shirts. It was just so strange to see that in Kabul.

Driving through the city at night, it is difficult not to be stuck by the unmber of brothels that have sprung through the city. They operate quite openly with lights (think Christmas lights) all over the facades and a sign such as "Silk Road." Not even "silk Road Restaurant," just "silk Road." Given that most of these signs are in English, I imagine that the clientele is made off the many male contractors and soldiers stationned here.

Another place I visited recently, that has a great view of Kabul is TV hill, so called because around there are all the broadcasting antennas for the city. The area is still partly mined, so don't go off the beaten path and watch your steps.
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